Spay/Neuter Services

Antietam Humane Society has opened a low-cost spay/neuter clinic to help lower the population of our community cats.

Appointments are exclusively for TNVR (trap/neuter/vaccinate/return) of stray and feral cats within our service area only. If you are looking for low-cost spay/neuter services for your owned pet, please see the list here.

Please read through all instructions below prior to scheduling your appointment.

Payment is due at the time of scheduling.

Schedule an Appointment

Thanks to an incredibly generous donor, if we can earn $5,000 or more in donations in 2022, she will match the donations up to $5,000. Please consider contributing to the costs of the clinic and donating toward the efforts today, and thank you for caring about our community cats!

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Pricing and Surgery Information

TNVR – $40.00/cat Male or Female

This price includes the surgery cost, 1-year rabies vaccine, and an ear-tip to identify the cat has been altered.

**ALL TNVR cats must be in a live trap, get an ear-tip, and a rabies vaccine. No exceptions. Cats not in a live trap will be turned away and you will not receive a refund for your surgery spot**

AHS rents traps for our TNVR program. Please contact the shelter to inquire.

Additional charges may apply if the cat is pregnant, in heat, a cryptorchid, or has an umbilical hernia. Should the cat need to be flea treated or receive an antibiotic injection due to illness or injury, you will be charged for these services at the time of pick-up.

Our veterinary staff is highly trained with many years of experience and does everything in their power to ensure a successful surgery; however, because of the unknown history and fractious nature of stray/feral cats, we are unable to perform any physical exam prior to sedating the cat. For this reason, we are unable to guarantee any outcome of any surgery.

Please assess the cat once trapped to determine illness, as it is unsafe to anesthetize an animal that is unhealthy.

All cats must be at least 4 months old and weigh more than 2 pounds. Kittens that are unsocialized, but at least 4 months of age are safe to return to their location.