Foster Dogs/Puppies

Antietam Humane Society is a Managed Admission Shelter. This means that, while we do our best to schedule our intake according to our space, we turn away no stray animal in need of our care. This also means that we sometimes have dogs in need of more behavior training or medical help. We have also worked very hard since April 2021 to become a “no-kill” shelter (meaning a live-release rate of 90% or higher for all of our animals).

The only way that we are able to achieve this is through the generous support of our dedicated community, and with puppies and some adults, the best way to help is by fostering them in your home.

Fostering puppies typically lasts anywhere from 2 weeks to 8 weeks depending how old the puppies are. Generally they are in groups, but sometimes are single, and are just looking for a space to vacation away from the shelter so they can stay healthy until they are old enough to get spayed/neutered and made available for adoption. We ask that you bring them to the shelter for their vaccinations and contact us regarding any medical needs.

We also sometimes have dogs that are struggling in the shelter environment and need some extra one-on-one help in a home to learn manners and better socialization. These fosters typically last until the dog finds a new adoptive home.

We also have medical cases that need help recovering in a home, and these fosters will typically last for 6-12 weeks depending on medical condition.

You will be supplied with a crate, toys, and blankets for the duration of their stay with you and food to get you started as well as any medical supplies that might be needed.

If you are ready to open your home to some puppies for a few weeks, or older dogs needing a little extra love, complete the application. Once your application has been processed, our foster coordinator will be in contact with you.