Antietam Humane Society Job Description – Executive Director


  • Five or more years management experience in business, a business association, or non-profit organization is preferred. A combination is highly desirable.
  • Ability to adapt to community dynamics.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Self -motivated individual with the ability to perform without direct supervision.
  • Successful marketing and fundraising background.
  • Strong administrative skills.
  • Accounting and financial skills.
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Windows and related software.

Summary of Position

The position of Executive Director of Antietam Humane Society is a salaried position.  It requires a self-confident individual with strong interpersonal and communication skills, a broad knowledge of the local business environment and community, and strong organization skills. The Individual must guide and direct the day to day operations of the Shelter, in addition maintaining an active role in the community for which the Shelter serves. The Executive Director should be someone who demonstrates flexibility and has the ability to perform multiple functions from fundraising, event planning and Shelter management. Shelter management includes budget preparation and managing financial objectives.

The Executive Director is responsible for overseeing the daily operations of the Shelter and managing of the Shelter staff. The Executive Director is responsible to the Board.  The Executive Director is charged with implementing the directives of the Board, reporting upon request as to the status of their implementation, apprising the Board of any issues that arise that warrants Board notification.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Develop and enhance new and existing programs of the Shelter to increase its presence in the community and increase it’s membership and financial support.
  • Supervise staff and perform, when necessary, marketing, financial, and bookkeeping duties.
  • Solicit, train and supervise volunteers to perform tasks in support of the Shelter.
  • Fundraising and event planning
  • Budget planning.
  • Schedule and attend meetings of various groups within the business community when such meetings may involve or affect the purpose and function of the Shelter or related projects to the Shelter
  • Perform public relations and public speaking related to the Shelter’s interests.
  • Enhance or develop new publications, brochures, newsletters, and promotional literature
  • Participate in organizations relating to the business environment of the Shelter approved by the Board.
  • Report involvement with external organizations at each regular Board meeting.
  • Perform other reasonable duties as requested by the Board.