Creekside Pet Resort is a full service boarding facility for dogs, cats and small caged pets, located in Waynesboro, PA, and managed by the Antietam Humane Society.  We understand that when you are dropping off your pet to stay with us, you are dropping off a member of your family.  You expect that your pet will be treated with love and be given the highest level of care.  That is exactly the service your pet will receive during its stay with us.

As a full service facility, your pet will have its own clean, spacious and private kennel or cage.  Our kennels are indoor/outdoor.  Your dog will be given plenty of exercise while staying with us.  Since pet safety is our highest priority, we will ensure that all playtime for pets is in a private setting.  We also make sure all medications are administered to your pet as instructed, and that veterinary services are provided if necessary.  To promote a healthy stay for all pets at our facility, animals that stay with us are required to provide proof of vaccinations and must be flea and tick free.

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Dog: $25 per day

Cat: $15 per day

*Multiple pet discounts available, please call for rates.

*A $20 surcharge will be added to the total boarding cost for the following holidays:

Easter, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day.


Payment is due in full at the time of drop off.  Cash or credit cards are accepted, no checks please.

Creekside Pet Resort requires a credit or debit card be kept on file for all boarding pets.  This information is to be provided at check in.  In the event your pet incurs additional charges during their stay, the remaining balance will be charged to the card provided.

Boarding reservations should be made at least (1) one week in advance.  Boarding cancellations with less than 72 hours’ notice will be charged a one night boarding stay.  Cancellations with less than 24 hours’ notice will be charged the full price for the planned stay.  Any pet that is picked up early will still be charged the entire expected stay.


  • Monday – Saturday: Morning   8am – 11am
  • Monday – Saturday: Evening   3pm – 6pm
  • Sunday Only   8am – 11am

Drop off: 

  • Charges start the day you drop your dog off.
  • D/O until 11:00 am is a Full Day Charge
  • D/O after 3:00 pm is a Half Day Charge

Pick up: 

  • P/U before 9:00am no charge for the day of pickup
  • P/U until 11:00 am Half Day Charge
  • P/U after 3:00pm Full Day Charge



  • Current Rabies vaccination certificate
  • Current DHLPP vaccine
  • Current kennel cough vaccine – administered at least 14 days prior to drop off date


  • Current Rabies vaccination certificate
  • Current FVRCP vaccine

Small Caged Animals:

  • Please contact Creekside Pet Resort for details

**All animals must be flea and tick free. Any animals that have fleas will receive a kennel bath and flea treatment, at the expense of the owner.


We are happy to administer medications to your pet, as needed. Please provide the medication, as well as detailed instructions for administering at the time of check-in. If your pet only takes medication in peanut butter or cheese, these also must be provided at the time of check-in.

**There is an additional cost of $5 per day, per pet for medication administration.


In the event your pet has a medical issue, we will contact you at the emergency contact number provided on the reservation form. Veterinary services will be provided at the discretion of Creekside Pet Resort.

**These services will be provided at the owner’s expense.


  • Food must be provided for your pet. Please place food in a bag labelled with the pet’s name. Include an extra 2 meals, in the event there is a delay in the pick-up of your pet.

**If your pet runs out of food, we will provide a mixed brand dry kibble at an additional cost.

  • Treats and/or biscuits are welcome, but we do not allow rawhides.